What’s new for the 2016 Fuego Element Grill?

We collected the feedback from customer reviews in 2014 & 2015 and made three changes for 2016.

Packaging Improvements:

Several customer complained about grills damaged in shipment.  Two prevalent issues included dented hoods and dented fire bowls – for 2016, we’ve added two foam inserts to better protect those components.  We’ve kept our nifty interlocking Tetris-like design for the internal boxes and our final package now passes the AAA standard established by UPS.  We hope shipping complaints drop immediately from approximately 3% to 1% or less – we look forward to hearing your feedback.  Finally, our hood thermometer now arrives packaged separately in the parts kit vs preinstalled into the hood at the factory.  We heard a few complaints regarding damaged thermometers, this packaging change should eliminate the issue.  The thermometer is quickly installed into the hood with a butterfly nut that spins on quickly and needs only hand tightening.

Wheels Now Preassembled:

The grill now comes with the wheels preinstalled.  Several customers noted that wheel installation consumed 30% or more of the total time to assemble the grill (and a few folks hated the simple wrench included for installing the wheels).  Now, we believe the Fuego Element offers the simplest, fastest assembly time in its class.

Electronic Ignition Changes:

For 2016, the electronic ignition has been separated from the control knob.  While Fuego heard few complaints about our integrated ignition system, our industry wide survey revealed ignition issues were a top complaint for other grill manufactures.  Our engineers determined that separating our ignition from the control knob should improve our ignition performance over the long term and would simplify any future ignition servicing or replacement.

How Do I Find The New 2016 Models Vs. The Previous Models? What Color Options Are Available?

Search for the new 2016 model number F21C and F21S.  The F21C is the carbon steel color choice and the F21S is the stainless steel version.

The 2014 models are the FELG21C (carbon steel) and FELG21S (stainless steel).

We don’t offer the Red, White or Copper finishes which were produced by Fuego North America LLC in 2011 – 2012.

Who Owns Fuego?

In September 2013, new shareholders formed Fuego Living LLC to purchase all of the assets including the intellectual property, designs and patents of Fuego North America LLC.  Immediately following the acquisition of the Fuego assets, the Element Grill was completely re-engineered from the hood down to the wheels while preserving Robert Brunner’s award winning design.  Post-acquisition, Robert maintains his role of design consultant, but following a short transition period, Alex Siow left Fuego to pursue other interests.  Cory Knaffle continues in his role overseeing all operations and customer support at Fuego (Cory@eu.fuegoliving.com).  In addition Ed Plummer joined Fuego after working at Lynx Grills.

Since concluding the purchase of Fuego in September 2013, we focused on re-engineering and re-launching the Fuego Element Grill, now a top rated gas grill at Amazon.com.  After studying the Fuego Element portable grill, we elected not to re-engineer or re-launch that grill; questions pertaining to the Portable are best directed to your point of purchase since we don’t stock the grill, nor any parts, nor do we have the Portable grill tooling. 

The 2014 Grill Was Redesigned What Changed?

We redesigned the Element BBQ grill to improve on the every day features. We took feedback from our users and improved the propane storage compartment with a hinged door, the large slide-out grease tray, an insulated hood with a recessed thermometer, we made the wheel base wider and added anti-tilt wheels for ease of mobility. Basically, we improved everything but kept the same unique look and cooking innovations like the Dual Zone burner and cast iron grates. We also lowered the price to $299.00!

My Inner/Outer Burner Is Not Working

This could be caused by one of two issues:

1)  The first being that the orifices need to be cleaned. To access the orifices you will need to remove the dual ring burner and insert a small pin into each orifice or remove to ensure that they are clear from any food, spider or residue debris.

2)  The second issue could be the regulator being in a lock out state or has failed internally. To reset the regulator, disconnect from the LP tank for a period of about 5 minutes then reconnect and turn the fuel on slowly.

If the problem persists after cleaning and reseting the regulator we can look into sending a replacement regulator.


Who Designed The Element BBQ Grill?

The Element gas grill was designed by the industrial designer Robert Brunner and his San Francisco-based design firm, Ammunition. Brunner is the former chief designer for Apple and former partner at Pentagram Design. Brunner has designed iconic consumer products including the Beats by Dr. Dre headsets phenomenon and the NOOK reader. He also has permanent collections of his work on display at New York and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

How Do I Find The New 2014 Models Vs. The Previous Models? What Color Options Are Available?

Search for the new model number FELG21C and FELG21S, the two 2014 models are now available in Carbon Gray and Stainless Steel.  These are the grill colors by popular demand, we no longer carry the Red, White, and Copper finishes.

Why Is The Element Grill Round Vs. Square Like Most Grills?

The Element grill is about social interaction We think the host should be able to interact with his guests and invite them to participate in preparing the meal while gathered around the proverbial fire. No longer should the host have his back turned to the party fussing with a grill in the corner of the backyard!

What’s The Difference Between The Dual Zone Burners Systems Zone 1 And Zone 2?

1. Zone 1 is the outer ring and can operate independently. Zone 1 produces up to 15,000 BTUs/hr and can be used for indirect cooking like ribs, roasts, large cuts of meat and hot dogs.

2. Zone 2 is when both burner zones are engaged and the grill is producing up to 21,000 BTUs/hr. This works well for direct cooking like steaks, burgers, pizza, poultry and seafood.

What Is The Difference Between Direct And Indirect Cooking On A BBQ Grill?

Direct cooking is when you place the food directly over the heat on high and is use for faster cooking foods like steaks, seafood and burgers. Indirect cooking is placing the food away from the heat source and creating convection-type cooking with a cover.

How Long Should I Preheat My BBQ Grill Before Cooking?

The Element gas grill can heat up to 500º F in as little as 5 minutes.

How Can I Clean The Grease Residue Tray?

You can clean the residue tray with a wire brush to remove the bigger grease spots. You can also soak with dishwashing soap to remove any additional grease spots.  Lining the residue tray with aluminium foil is also an option to ease cleaning.

Should I Turn Off The LP Tank After I’m Finished Cooking?

Yes. Always turn your gas supply off after every grilling event.

What Is The Best Way To Clean The Cast Iron Grate?

Turn the burner on high for approximately 10 minutes to burn away any food debris and/or grease. Brush grates with wire brush to remove remaining debris. If necessary, scrub the grate with a mixture of salt and vegetable oil, rinse with hot water, and dry completely over low heat before storing. text.

Can I Remove The Cover Without Using Oven Mitts?

The Element grill’s cover has a heat reflective shield built-in that helps in convection-like cooking and also deflects heat away from the lid handle. Always use caution and make sure that the handle is cool enough to handle before removing the lid from the grill. We recommend that you always handle the cover with heat-resistant barbecue mitts or gloves when operating the grill.

I’m Not Very Handy. Is The Grill Assembly Very Involved?

While some assembly is required, the Element gas grilled has been designed to be as easy to use as possible. The assembly requires only a screwdriver and a wrench to execute. Done properly, the grill can be removed from the box and be fully assembled in as little as 20 minutes.

Does The Element Grill Get Hot Enough To Sear Steaks Or Seafood?

Oh, yes! The Element gas grill can heat up to 500º F in as little as 5 minutes and up to 700º F maximum temperature.  The porcelain-coated cast iron grate provides high heat retention and excellent grill sear marks.

What Is Different About The Dual Zone Burner System?

Element’s unique, patent-pending, stainless steel, Dual Zone burner gives the Element its performance advantage. The Dual Zone burner is controlled by one control knob and has 2 circular burners that emit direct and indirect heat. On Zone 1, indirect cooking is possible because only the outer ring is activated. Positioning the food inside of the outer ring allows for the food to cook without direct exposure to the flame below. Using Zones 1 + 2 is direct grilling when you need to sear steaks or seafood. Zone 1 yields up to 15,000 BTUs/hr while Zone 2 yields up 21,000 BTUs/hr when on max.

How Long Does It Take The Element Grill To Heat Up?

The Element gas grill heats up to over 500ºF in as little as 5 minutes. It reachs a maximum temperature of 700ºF . Most grills suggest that you heat your grill for 10-15 minutes before you start cooking. Element just saves you time and propane.

How Much Food Can I Cook On The Element At One Time?

That depends. We’ve been able to grill up to 16 quarter-pound, 4.5” hamburgers at the same time. We’ve also seared and cooked 4 10-ounce steaks, 3 full size ears of corn and 3 12-inch vegetable kabobs at once. We’ve also cooked an 18-inch pizza. The 21inch grill grate provides 346 sq. in. of primary cooking area. The number one selling gas grill in the category offers 360 square inches. At $300, you can afford a second Element for your blowout bash!

Where Is The Element Grill Made?

Fuego grills are designed in California and made in China (sound familiar?). We’re proud to say that our partner is one of the leading grill manufacturers in the world with a great quality record and a strong social code.

Why Did You Choose A 21 Inch Diameter Design?

Element is a new concept in barbecue grill design. Element is about bringing people together around the fire. Element is also about designer good looks. Element is 21” in diameter to provide enough surface area to cook for a family of four or a small party. It’s round so we can gather around the fire and talk. It is 21” wide at the base so it can fit most decks and backyards.

Can I Slow Cook With The Element Grill?

Absolutely. Element’s Dual Zone burner system, cast iron grates and cover all work together to achieve slow food hero status. The Dual Zone burners are optimized for indirect cooking on the Zone 1 position and provide a stable, low radiant heat – as low as 250ºF – that evenly heats the cast iron grates. The cover has been redesigned with a heat reflective shield that creates convection-like cooking conditions.

How Do I Keep My Grill From Rusting?

Any grill should be covered when not in use to protect it from outdoor elements.  Wipe the grill surface down after each use with mild soap and a sponge before putting on the grill cover.  Salt in the air (especially in coastal regions) can deposit on the grill surface and forms rust.  By wiping down the grill after use and utilizing a grill cover will properly protect your grill from outdoor elements.

What’s The Best Way To Season My Cast Iron BBQ Grill Grates?

The grill comes standard with a low maintenance Porcelain Coated Cast Iron Grate. Nevertheless if you purchased the optional raw cast iron grill grate that is naturally porous and ideal for seasoning and aging, please follow the additional steps below to begin seasoning your grill grate before use. A well-seasoned grate will resist rust and create a virtually nonstick surface for cooking over time, preferred by most experienced chefs.

1. Remove the grate from packing materials.

2. Brush vegetable oil lightly over cast iron pieces to coat the entire surface.

3. Heat the grate to approximately 250 degrees Fahrenheit (120 degrees Celsius) on low over your grill for approximately an hour.

4. Wipe the grate well, and let it cool completely before use.

5. To preserve this natural, protective coating, DO NOT USE SOAP when cleaning a seasoned grate. Instead, scrub the grate with a mixture of salt and vegetable oil, rinse with hot water, and dry completely over low heat before storing.

Where Do I Store The LP Tank On The Element BBQ Grill?

The Element gas grill is designed to be a 360º cooking experience. To help with this design objective, the LP tank can be stored inside the hinged door compartment in the middle of the grill and just below the fire bowl. A tank hook is designed to secure the propane tank in place by the tank handle. A magnetic latch keeps the hinged door closed and easily opens when needed.

How Can I Replace My Barbecue Grill Diffuser?

First allow the grill to completely cool off after usage. Once the grill is cool, you can lift the cast iron grate. The diffuser panel is a light-weight panel that can be easily removed and replaced.

What Should I Do If A Grease Fire Breaks Out On My Grill?

Quickly turn off the Dual Burner and LP tank. Close the cover until flames burn out.

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Length of Warranty:

Gas Grills:

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Gas Grill Accessories:

Ninety (90) days comprehensive parts on the entire product.

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